2012 Fire and Ice Chili Cook Off

It was a beautiful 59 degrees on Saturday over presidents day weekend for the annual Fire and Ice Chili Cook-off. This annual event took place in historic Downtown Blue Ridge right across the tracks from Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals and Blue Ridge Adventure Center and behind the main street businesses. Hungry chili-eaters of all ages lined up in anticipation, waiting for the 12 o’clock hour to hit and the chili sampling to begin.

It was a jubilees event, with classic “golden oldies” playing over the sound system and happy event-goers dancing unabashedly in the streets, often times with pets and children.  Vendors from around Blue Ridge flocked to the Chili Cook-off to show off their wares, and more importantly, give away their one-of-a kind chili samples.

Some recognizable names included Harvest on Main, who prepared a savory concoction of different cuts of meat in what they called a “classic style chili”, or one without any beans. Christy Lee’s Courtyard Grill, and Mercier Orchards came prepared with strong showings, with both chili’s containing unique spices and ingredients that had people asking for more. Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals made a huge impression on the crowd, showcasing their people-friendly approach with their own sound system and what was perhaps the most original chili blend of the day, which included several secret ingredients that provided chili lovers with “sweet heat”. People swarmed for the innovative chili batch, using sample cups and utensils faster than SoCo could keep up with them.

And the winners, you ask? Christy Lee’s won People’s Choice, Trout Unlimited won best organization, and Mercier Orchard the coveted judges award for best tasting chili.

In the end the event was a huge success, bringing great attention to Blue Ridge with a crowd three times the size of last year’s event, 1/3 of which was local and the rest reportedly from Atlanta and Florida. The night was capped off with the soulful sounds of Francene Reed, veteran of the Blue Ridge Blues & BBQ Event and master of Blues music.

Plan on attending next year and make it a weekend… Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals will provide the setting, you make the memories!

SoCo Cabins Cooks It Up at the 2012 Fire and Ice Chili Cook Off

There’s whiskey in them there hills! “That’s some good chili! Whats your recipe? Well… I’d be lying if I told you there wasn’t whiskey in it!” And its true, the boys for Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals cooked a killer batch of chili for this years Fire and Ice Chili Cook Off in Downtown Blue Ridge.

The story starts on a family vacation to Blue Ridge, when the newest addition to the SoCo family  cooked up an unusually excellent pot of chili, dubbed “sweet-heat”. You could also call it a family tradition from now on. The recipe had been in development for several years and was under constant refinement. The latest ingredient a.k.a “whiskey” was not added to the recipe until another visit to Blue Ridge. Our chef Matt Maddox planned a bachelor party for one of his long time friends and it happen to be on the same weekend as the first Blue Ridge Fire and Ice Cook Off. Jokingly, this is when our plan started to brew out of a simple suggestion. “You should enter your chili next year!” the seed was planted.

Team SoCo Started cooking after work late on Friday night prior to the event. Due to Chili shortages the prior year the Blue Ridge Business Association modified the amount of chili to 10 gallons. The rules stated that teams must cook 5 gallons prior to the cook off and the cook another 5 gallons at the event. A small amount of the five gallons cooked at the event would be used for the Judges and the rest could be given as samples for the people choice award. Our communications intern from Reinhardt College was at the event to cover the festivities first hand. Here is what he wrote about the 2012 Fire and Ice Chili Cook Off.

Winter in Blue Ridge

Anytime of Year You’ll Find Southern Comfort Here… As 2011 ends and the New Year begins, Blue Ridge is gearing up for the winter season, and we want you to join us!

Cohutta Grandview From Above the Clouds

It may be cold outside, but the deals are hot at Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals. See Cabin Rental Specials

Winter time means less congestion around town, and more of a selection when booking your favorite North Georgia Mountain cabin rental. January through March is prime shopping time in Downtown Blue Ridge. Local shops will have winter discounts throughout town, so make sure to take advantage while you still can!

There’s nothing better than sitting outside on the deck of your cabin rental with a cup of coffee or cocoa and experiencing a Blue

Ridge sunrise. You’ll be wowed by the incredible long range mountain views, picturesque vistas and charming wildlife. Add to that a dusting of snow, and you’ll be in the midst of your own winter wonderland!

Looking for a romantic getaway? It’s time to queue up the Barry White music, lay out a blanket near the fire and cozy up with that special someone. Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals offers several romantic packages, including everything from roses, to chocolates to fruits and even champagne. Start the new year off right with the loved one who knows you best, and treat them to a  memorable stay in the North Georgia Mountains with Southern Comfort.

Call 706-258-3737 to speak with a reservations agent to plan your escape today! Find Quality With Us.

Happy Thanksgiving from Blue Ridge Georgia

Season’s Offering From The Blue Ridge Mountains…

As the holiday season takes hold and we move into a time of year that gives us an opportunity to gather with friends and family Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals would like to add some food for thought to your table with some AMAZING OFFERS! Share Blue Ridge with your friends and family and take advantage of these exclusive holiday offers from your trusted source for vacation homes!

Facebook Promotion… During the month of December “like” Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals on facebook and comment or share a picture from Blue Ridge and you will be entered to win a 2 night stay at Choctaw Mountain Lodge. Comment and “Share” our Facebook page with your friends and your name will be entered twice! So, a new “like” that comments and then “shares” our page will be entered 3 times!!! We will add all the names to a drawing which will be filmed in Blue Ridge and posted to the winner’s wall in January.  What a great way to start 2012. This promotion ends 12/31/2011 at the stroke of midnight.

LIMITED TOME OFFER December Only Treat your extended family to an early gathering in the Blue Ridge Mountains and Receive 15% off 4 days or more when you stay with Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals during the month of December. This is available on all cabins and nights excluding holidays. ALL DECEMBER RESERVATIONS made before the end of November will be entered to win an Apple TV just in time for the gift giving season! Apple TV winner will be posted on facebook and announced in our January newsletter. Contest ends 11/30/2011 at 5:30PM.

I Need To Recharge… Like Now! Would you like a getaway to the North Georgia Mountains sooner rather than later, but you only have a few days to do it? Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals is expanding the available dates on the Three for 2 winter special! Book any 2 nights November 28th 2011 through May 31st 2011 and receive 1 free night! Learn more about year round cabin rental specials in Blue Ridge, GA

Looking For an Outstanding Gift Idea? Give the gift of a vacation time! Southern Comfort is offering discounts on gift certificates for the holidays. Purchase a $100.00 certificate or more (applicable to all cabins and dates) and receive 10% off if purchased by December 23rd. You will instantly receive a confirmation email that can be used in a card. An actual certificate will be mailed on the same day as purchase.

Winter is at Our Door Step The leaves have fallen, nights are crsip and the mountain views are inspiring! This fall has been a wonderful time of year in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The smells of harvest in the air, excitement filled festivals and the natural beauty of the changing season. We were blessed with an unexpectedly long leaf season! See Fall photos from Rush Photography here. Be sure to book your 2012 fall escape early next year!

Thank you for trusting Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals for all your vacation accommodation needs in the north Georgia Mountains.

We hope to see you in the Blue Ridge Mountains soon!

Bev Doolittle Art Exhibit in Blue Ridge GA

View a private collection of framed prints featuring the works of Bev Doolittle in Blue Ridge, Ga…

“Many people call me a ‘camouflage artist,’ but that doesn’t really fit. If I have to categorize at all, I prefer to think of myself as a ‘concept painter.’ I am an artist who uses camouflage to get my story across, to slow the viewing process so you can discover it for yourself. Everything I do is intended to enhance the idea of each piece. For me, camouflage is a means to an end, not an end in itself. My meaning and message are never hidden.” – Bev Doolittle

Bev Doolittle The Forest Has Eyes

Bev Doolittle ~ The Forest Has Eyes

Join SoCo Cabins in celebrating 9 treasured works of art in the beautiful reception lobby of the Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals office & Blue Ridge Adventure Center. October 15, 2011 – 4pm to 7 pm 240 West Main Street, Blue Ridge Georgia 30513

These exquisite pieces are being offered for sale by the collector. Persons interested in the entire collection may view the prints prior to the event. Contact heather@north-georgia.southerncomfortcabinrentals.com to set private appointment

Learn More about Bev Doolittle at: www.bevdoolittle.net

Supporting the Humane Society of Blue Ridge

The Blue Ridge Lodging Association supports the Humane Society of Blue Ridge with donation form 2011 Blues and BBQ Festival proceeds…

On Wednesday, September 28, 2011 the Blue Ridge Lodging Association donated $1,000 to the Blue Ridge Humane Society at the Fannin County Chamber of Commerce, as an offering of thanks and support for their ongoing contributions to our city and community. The money will be used to further the success of the spay/ neuter program and toward the new building program. For those interested in adopting a new pet, or to offer your services as a volunteer, please contact the Humane Society at 706 – 632- 4357 to help continue enriching the lives of our pets and pet owners.

Blue Ridge Lodging Association Donation to the Humane Soceity of Blue Ridge

Taking part in the presentation, from left BRLA Members, Sam Walker, Beverly Seckinger, Tabetha Whitaker, C.J. Stam, Greg Spencer, continued HSBR, Jeny Donnelly, Anne Williamson, Robbie Muschamp, Jackie Seabolt, and Jack Donnelly Picture provided by The News Observer 9/30/2011

The Blue Ridge Humane Society has been an integral part of the Blue Ridge community for years, providing abandoned, mistreated or injured animals a safe haven in which to live while waiting for a permanent, loving home. It is through events like the Fifth Annual Paws in the Park, and educational courses on a variety of pet-related topics, that they continue to pursue their goal of increasing the awareness of animal issues through public education, ending euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals, and  promoting and offering affordable spay, neutering and rabies inoculation options.

Trout Fishing in the North Georgia Mountains

Trout Fishing in and Around Fannin County in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia

Fannin County is blessed with a watershed that creates a large and diverse trout stream  network.  The foundation of the watershed is the Toccoa River, a medium-sized, wadable river which actually consists of two distinct and different fisheries:  The freestone stream above the dam and the Tailwater below it.  Each section of the Toccoa has its advantages.  In addition to the Toccoa itself, the watershed contains literally hundreds of trout streams from tiny higher elevation water containing native brook trout to lower elevation streams dominated by rainbow and brown trout.  Some waters in Fannin can be fished within sight of a parked vehicle while others offer the opportunity for wilderness walk-in fishing where few others tread. It’s all here in Fannin for visitors and locals to explore and enjoy.

Here are some of the most popular trout destinations in and close to Fannin County:

Toccoa River Tailwater: The Tailwater, as it is called locally, runs from Blue Ridge dam to the Tennessee State line and is fishable throughout year-round thanks to the fact that the water in the Tailwater comes chiefly from the colder water near the bottom of Lake Blue Ridge, it is supplemented by oxygenation on the lake bottom courtesy of the TVA, and the river is cleansed by higher flows due to periodic generation at the dam. The fish are healthy, diverse in size due to holdover fish, and located throughout the length of the river. The advantages are year-round fishing, heavily stocked by Georgia DNR, floatable and wadable sections with public access at the dam, Tammen Park, Curtis Switch Bridge, and Horseshoe Bend Park. The disadvantages are the need to know the generation schedule and to be constantly vigilant for scheduled and unscheduled releases and the fact that public access is limited to the locations noted above.  Even where the river is visible from the road between the public access points, fishing without landowner permission is prohibited.  Floating through private lands on canoes, kayaks, float tubes, or pontoon boats, however, is permitted and commonly done, but the floats between access points will take take 6-8 hours depending on the amount of time one fishes. TVA Blue Ridge Dam information:  To get daily releases: dial 800-238-2264 then 423. Releases for the next day are available after 4 pm.

Toccoa River above Lake Blue Ridge: The Toccoa River is a magnificent fishery in its beauty, diversity, and quality during certain times of the year.  It is a year-round fishery, but hot-summer months can substantially curtail trout fishing in July, August, and early September when water temperature exceed comfort levels for trout, especially in the lower elevations closer to Lake Blue Ridge.  Much of the Toccoa is private, but miles of the river run through the Chattahoochee National Forest, including a 1.2 mile section with special Delayed Harvest (DH) regulations (See Georgia Fishing Regs).  From November 1-May 14, the river is stocked with lots of trout, including some 15-20 inch fish. Much of the Toccoa River on public lands is accessible by paved and forest service road.  One can literally fish in sight of the car, including some sections of the DH. Sections of the river susceptible to summer heat will also hold largemouth Bass, shoal bass, smallmouth bass and other warm water species instead of or in addition to trout. Occasionally private landowners will give permission to fish, but some sections of the Toccoa River are closed to public fishing when by landowners on both sides of the river.  Signs are prominent in those sections of the river. When in doubt, stick to public lands.

Coopers Creek: This tributary of the Toccoa River is in the Chattahoochee National Forest off Hwy 60 near Suches, Georgia, and offers camping, hiking, and fishing.  There is a public campground and parking area.  In addition, the creek may be accessed by Forest Service road in its upper sections.  Coopers Creek stocked and operates under general trout regulations.  This is an excellent and beautiful place for public fishing.  Advantages:  Good for families. Disadvantages:  Smaller water and heavily used.

Rock Creek: This public access fishery is open year-round and boasts frequent stocking and the side benefit of the USFWS Hatchery off Hwy 60 near Suches.  The Hatchery conducts public education and tours and feeds the trout daily.  Rock Creek flows through the Hatchery and is accessible by forest service road for several miles below the Hatchery.  It is heavily used, but a fun place to fish.  Advantages:  Great for families.  Disadvantages: Smaller water and heavily used.  Hint:  For the technical fly fisher or spin fisher, Little Rock Creek is a tributary of Rock Creek, the upper portions of which may be accessed by a forest service road off the Hatchery Road offers backwoods small stream fishing for tiny trout.  This is less used.  The stream is small and somewhat enclosed by vegetation; and the fish are small, but born in the stream, as this stream is not stocked.

Wilderness Fishing

Noontootla Creek: This is a gem of a stream operated year-round under special regulations on size of fish and type of gear and wilderness license (See Georgia Fishing Regs).  It is a favorite of fly fishermen.  Surprisingly, the public sections of Noontootla are easily accessible by a forest service road that runs the length of the public section.  It is beautiful and holds surprisingly decent sized fish for its size.  It is not stocked, so these are resident fish.  The fishing is quite technical.  Advantages:  Beautiful small stream fishing easily accessible and an ace in the hole when lower waters are swollen with rain. Disadvantages:  Technical fishing, some pressure especially on weekends, and decreased chances of success if someone fishes before you do.  Hint:  Rainy days that take away some clarity of the water will make the fishing easier.  Note:  There is a private, trophy section of Noontootla Creek accessible only by appointment with a guide on a fee basis.  This is a protected, limited access trophy water within 30 minutes of  downtown Blue Ridge.

Jacks and Connasauga Rivers: These are two premier trout streams in the Cohutta Wilderness. Both rivers hold resident fish in a magnificent setting on public lands. .  Jacks is a Mar-October fishery and the Connie is open year-round (See Georgia Fishing Regs).  The trail distances distance in and out are formidable, but worth it to the wilderness fisher.  A wilderness trout license is required.

Small Stream Fishing

Fannin County boasts hundreds of miles of trout streams, as do nearby counties .  Some trout streams are on private land and others are not practically fishable.  However many small streams offer wonderful opportunities for seasonal and year-round fishing.  Some are fairly accessible and others are more remote. Naming small streams in a forum like this ruins their appeal and ambience by having crowds descend upon them.  There are, however, sources of information from which a determined fisherman can locate wonderful places.  Unicoi Fly Shop and local book stores in Blue Ridge have books for sale on North Georgia fishing with information on all the aforementioned streams and many of our smaller streams as well. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources publishes a comprehensive trout fishing guide to Georgia, available for free at the Fannin Chamber of Commerce Welcome Center.

Big Creek: This pristine mountain stream is almost 100%  private. The only way to fish this stream is by invitation by a land owner or private guide service such as Upper River Adventures. A year round dense canopy offer many shady and cool areas. Couple this with deep well maintained holes and you will find the perfect habitat for several species of mountain trout.

Some guides and outfitters have access to terrific private access water with limited traffic  such as Noontootla Creek Farms,  Mountaintown Creek, Big Creek, and Frog Hollow.  Check with local fly shops, the Blue Ridge Adventure Center  for availability and fees.

Surrounding Areas

Fannin County is in the epicenter of trout fishing in North Georgia. In addition to the rivers and streams right around Blue Ridge, within an hour more or less west (Tennessee), North (North Carolina) and East (Clayton County, Ga.) one may find excellent trout fishing in the Cherokee National Forest, Nantahala River, and Chattooga River.  In addition, within the similar distances are special regulation areas at Dukes Creek (Smithgall Woods), Amicalola Creek, Waters Creek and other terrific public fisheries, not to mention private water trophy experiences.

Fishing is Fishing

Dare we mention Lake Blue Ridge and Lake Nottely? These lakes provide awesome destination fishing in their own right for numerous species other than trout. How about fishing for bass and bream on ponds and surrounding lakes or fishing for shoal bass or smallmouth in the Toccoa River?


Download  printable safety information on the Toccoa River Tailwater here

TVA Blue Ridge Dam information:  To get daily releases: dial 800-238-2264 then 423. Releases for the next day are available after 4 pm.

Fannin Chamber of Commerce: Orvin Lance Extension off Hwy 515 (behind CVS);

Unicoi Outfitters and guide service: 490 E. Main Street, Blue ridge, GA 30513. www.Unicoioutfitters.com

Fishing Guides: There are numerous north Georgia trout fishing guides in the Blue Ridge area. Contact Upper River Adventures for Private Guided Trout Fishing in the Aska Adventure Area

Current Georgia Sport Fishing Regulations, available at the Chamber of Commerce, Unicoi Outfitters, or anywhere licenses are sold and online See our local area guide to buy a fishing license in Georgia

Blue Ridge Mountain Trout Unlimited, is local, extremely active TU chapter meets monthly on the second Saturday of each month, 9 am at the Chamber of Commerce. TU and its members are dedicated to preserving trout waters but provide a public service of information on fishing and fishing safety in the area.

SOURCE: Blue Ridge Mountain Trout Unlimited

Events and Activities in Blue Ridge, GA – September 2011

Action, adventure, relaxation, and good times await your arrival in Blue Ridge, GA… Here’s whats happening in Blue Ridge Georgia September 2011!

Pickin’ in Horseshoe Bend Park Sept. 1, 8, 15
Location:  Ron Henry Horseshoe Bend Park , McCaysville, GA. Hwy 5 (Blue Ridge Highway) north till it ends, then right on Hwy 60 and then right on River Road, follow to the park entrance on your right.
Pickin’ in Horseshoe Bend Park – every Thursday, 6:00 PM to dusk. Live music jams and pickin’ on the banks of the Toccoa River at the Horseshoe Bend Park in McCaysville. Free Admission. And the park is wheelchair accessible. Come out, bring the whole family to enjoy the experience. Picnic tables available, nice grassy lawn but you are also welcome to bring a blanket or chair.
Fannin County Parks and Recreation 706-632-7696

Blue Ridge Farmers Market Sept. 3, 10
Location:  Historic Downtown Blue Ridge
West Main Street across from the Fannin County Courthouse.
Local farmers set up with their crops for sale, farm fresh eggs, produce etc…. also locally made products and crafts. Every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Vendors pay $3.00 for market space and they set their own prices for the items they sell. They will also be offering classes on select dates with topics such as “Local Herbs,” “Cooking with fresh herbs and vegetables” Facebook users can become a fan and follow their schedules at the following link. Email contact: Linee2@tds.net Vendors contact 706-258-4552

Postmortem Sept. 8,9,10,11,6,17,18
Location:  Blue Ridge Community Theater
2591 East 1st Street across from The Swan Drive-In
By Ken Ludwig. (You may remember his other plays the theater has done, Lend Me a Tenor, Leading Ladies and Moon Over Buffalo which were all sellouts) This clever thriller is set in a magnificent pseudo-medieval castle on a bluff overlooking the Connecticut River. Here, an avid Sherlock Holmes actor has invited guests for a séance. The scene is set for murder, humor and intrigue and the actor works to solve the case himself, à la his alter-ego, Sherlock Holmes. Rated R (mature subject matter, language and suspense) Friday’s at 7:30 and Sunday’s at 2:00 p.m.
Blue Ridge Community Theater Box Office or you may purchase tickets online 706-632-9223

Blue Ridge Blues and BBQ Music Festival Sept. 10
Location:  Downtown Blue Ridge City Park
Make it weekend with your friends at Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals! Join us for this one-day festival including Sweetwater Brewery crafted beers, BBQ and food vendors from all over the state as well as regional sponsors. The festival is open to the public and will feature outstanding and well-known Blues Bands, Read more on our BLOG about the Blue Ridge Blues and BBQ Festival

Blue Ridge Stand Up Paddle Race Sept. 10
Round 4 of the SUP Splash Series will be held at the Morganton Point Beach park and recreation area. This event will also feature FREE SUP lessons and exciting event starts and dramatic finish line winners! Learn more here: http://surfblueridge-sup.com/events/

Arts Association Nation Exhibit Sept 10.
Following a very successful first year photography competition in 2010, the Blue Ridge Mountain Photographers and The Art Center are co-sponsoring their Second Annual National Juried Nature and Fine Art Photography Exhibit. 100’s of photos will grace the Richard Low Evans Gallery. All entries will be judged. Join us for this wonderful event. Take a look at the digital world of photography from across the nation. The show will open with a reception on September 10 from 5pm to 7pm and the exhibit will remain on display through October 9. This exhibit will be featured during the Fall Arts in the Park Festival taking place the second weekend in October 2011.

Ride the Rails Festival Sept. 17 & 18
Location:  Mineral Bluff
150 Railroad Avenue (Hwy 60 north, railroad avenue is next street on your left after the stop sign at Spur 60)
8th Annual Event. A 5 mile round trip by railroad motor car traveling through the Iron Bridge over the beautiful Toccoa River, then returning over the bridge back to the beautiful Mineral Bluff Depot. Train ride donations: $10.00 for adults $5.00 Children 2 to 12. Food, Cotton Candy, Popcorn, Hot Fresh Coffee, Cold Soft Drinks, Model Train Sales, Tee Shirts, Motor Car Display Area and Local Vendors. A fun day for all! Visit the depot and see the progress being made on our large “HO” gauge model railroad based on the “Old Line” from Atlanta to Etoway, TN and through Mineral Bluff to Murphy, NC! Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Sunday, 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Special! Mtn. Country Music by: Ralph Baker and the Stateline Band
For more information706-455-8903

Would you like to add an event to our post? use the comments section below.

Also, see our Blue Ridge Local Area Guide to find many more events and activities in North Georgia…

Join us for the First Blue Ridge Blues and BBQ Festival!

Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals and The Blue Ridge Lodging Association, in cooperation with the Fannin County Chamber of Commerce and the City of Blue Ridge, Georgia, is proud to present the First Annual Blue Ridge Blues and BBQ Festival on Saturday, September 10, 2011, 3:00 pm until 11:00 pm.

Join us for this one-day festival  including Sweetwater Brewery crafted beers, BBQ and food vendors from all over the state as well as regional sponsors. The festival is open to the public and will feature outstanding and well-known Blues Bands to include:

Blue Ridge Blues and BBQ Festival

  • The Black Top Blues Band from Florida.
  • Frankie’s Blues Mission from Atlanta
  • The King Bees from Boone, N.C. “The King Bees have delighted audiences for years. Queen Bee’s vocals are expressive and strong: Baskerville’s guitar playing is right on, from cool slide to sizzling licks.” -BLUE SUEDE NEWS.
  • The Rolling Bones Blues Band from Macon, GA.  They are a high energy group with Sherry Paul as lead singer who looks and sounds like Janis Joplin!
  • The South’s favorite Jazz and Blues Stylist, Miss Francine Reed.  She will be hot off the Lyle Lovett tour and ready to show us her soulful style and the blues like you have never heard.  Reed is one of Atlanta’s most treasured artists and continues to expand her fan base at venues around the world. She continually blesses audiences with her amazing vocals and vibrant personality; she is truly a musical experience that should not be missed.

With the addition of exciting children’s activities and a fun silent auction, this sensational food and music festival is expected to draw thousands of attendees from across Georgia (90 minutes from Atlanta), Florida, Tennessee, and North Carolina.  Tickets are just $5 per person with children 12 and under free.

Blue Ridge Lodging Association

Plan a weekend getaway! Uniquely positioned in the heart of the North Georgia Mountains, Blue Ridge is convenient to numerous

outdoor activities and only 90 minutes from Atlanta, GA. Blue Ridge is recognized as an outdoor lover’s paradise with more adventure options than one day or one year could satisfy. September is a great time to bring the music and feast on BBQ from all around the South East…

Updated information will be available on the Blue Ridge Lodging Association website

www.BlueRidgeLodgingAssociation.com under the “Events” tab.

2011 Tri the Mountains

Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals and the Big Peach Running Company to compete in Tri the Mountains Triathlon July 24, 2011


AJ Petrillo - Photo Rush Photography

Be sure to come out and support our Team! Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals will be competing in the relay division of  Tri the Mountains a sprint Triathlon in the North Georgia mountains! When Heather and CJ Stam of Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals worked as volunteers at the 2010 race a friendly challenge was cast by one of the owners and now title sponsor Escape to Blue Ridge. Not one to shy away from a friendly nudge, we answered the call! A team of three racers will each take one leg of the race. CJ Stam of Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals will start with a splash into a 600 yard fresh water swim in Lake Blue Ridge. Followed by Greg Dunn a local personal trainer and former professional cyclist who will then venture out and  on his road bike over an 18 mile mountain course. then our anchor Mike Cosentino of the Big Peach Running Company will then dash 3.2 miles from the Marina to Downtown Blue Ridge.

Spectators, family, friends and support teams will all cheer as racers enter the Historic town of Blue Ridge to cross the finish line. The 2011 Triathlon is presented by local businesses Escape to Blue Ridge and Harvest on Main along with several national name brands. Tri the Mountains is a non profit organization and pledges a portion of all proceeds to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Be sure to stick around for awards ceremony to see the winners take their prizes in the shade of the city park.

An epic event like Tri the Mountains reinforces why Blue Ridge is your base camp for adventure in the North Georgia Mountains. Racers, day trippers, tourist and Blue Ridge locals should all consider putting this high energy family friendly event on your schedule every year!